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Boys and Girls Club
Viva: Nicole and Michael Sloane with kids in the Dominican Republic, on a Viva Board Member visit to a community referred to as “the Dagger” for its crime and violence. These kids are in an after-school program aptly called, “Oasis.” Learn more @
Crossroads Christian Church
Crossroads Christian Church: This playground was dedicated on what would have been Natalie's third birthday. Please visit @ Crossroads Christian Church, in Lexington, KY!

The Foundation

The Natalie Wynn Carter Foundation, a 501(c)(3) foundation, was started in late 2007 to honor the life of "Nati" after her short 23 months of life here on earth. Parents, Bryan and Erika Carter, wanted to make something good come out of the unexpected passing of their daughter and to help her spirit live on through the efforts of a foundation focused on making the lives of children better.


Chapman and Carter FamiliesSteven and Mary Beth Chapman with Bryan, Erika and Brady Carter at the Cinderella Ball, where the Carters presented the Chapmans with the check for the Maria's Big House of Hope playground.

The Foundation's Mission

The foundation's mission has two main focuses. First, the foundation wants to provide spaces for children to play with the building or renovation of playgrounds. This initiative was brought to life by the renovation of the Crossroads Christian Church playground in Lexington, Kentucky. The project was completed in the fall of 2008 and dedicated on what would have been Nati's third birthday. Secondly, the foundation wants to work alongside other organizations that do great works in the lives of children.

Partnership With Crossroads Christian Church

Over the past two years, the foundation has worked with Crossroads Christian Church to provide Christmas gifts to children in Eastern Kentucky and has done cooperative events with The Makenna Foundation to help with the construction of the Makenna David Emergency Center at the UK Children's Hospital. The Church is currently partnered with naticakes, our bakery & crème café in Morgantown, West Virginia, to serve children in the Morgantown area.

Steven Curtis Chapman
A word from Steven Curtis Chapman.